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  • Human Growth Hormone Can Make You Younger


    Dr. Kratz pointed out that in another 30 years, a 105-year-old might be like a 65-year-old today, and a 65-year-old might be like a 35-year-old today. A human life span of 120 years will no longer be uncommon.Scientists have found that human growth hormone secretion decreases with age, about 15% fro Read More

  • 5 benefits of Human Growth Hormone for the human body


    HGH and human immune function:Lymphocytes are cell lines with specific immune recognition functions. Can be divided into three subgroups: T cells, B cells and natural killer cells (NK). T and B cells participate in the immune response process, blocking the ability of viruses to enter cells; they can Read More

  • Introduction and theoretical basis of 5 functions of Human Growth Hormone


    There are two main factors for Human Growth Hormone to keep skin delicate and smooth: 1. The synthesis amount of two proteins (Collagen and Elastin); 2. Sufficient cellular water content. HGH promotes the entry of amino acids into cells through growth interleukins and accelerates the synthesis of Co Read More

  • 4 key points of oral steroid powders


    Types and differences of oral steroidsGenerally, oral steroid powders are divided into two categories: the first category is c-17aa steroids (dalibu, telib, kangfulong, kanglilong, oxyandron, fluoromethyltestosterone...), and the second category is non-c-17aa steroids (medroxone, metinolone acetate. Read More

  • 3 major classifications and common classifications of steroid powders


    The three major classifications of steroid powders include direct line of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone derivative (DHT) and progesterone derivative (19-nortestosterone).irect line of testosterone: testosterone preparation, testosterone heptanoate, mixed testosterone, testosterone methotrexate, Read More

  • How to get steroid powders


    What are steroid powders?The vast majority of people are exposed to the yellow oily liquid in Xilin bottles, or tablets. It's uncomfortable to take these things into your body at first glance.Where do steroid powders come from and go? Today we will tell you from the source.First of all, we have to s Read More

  • Biological effects of human growth hormone


    Promote growth: it can promote the division and proliferation of bone, cartilage, muscle and other tissues and cells, and increase protein synthesis. The effect of human growth hormone on cartilage is through growth mediator (also known as insulin-like growth factor). If people lack auxin in childho Read More

  • Usage and measurement of human growth hormone


    Human growth hormone is designed for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration. One milligram of human growth hormone is equivalent to about three international units (3 IU). When used to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults, the drug is usually administered at a dose of 0.005mg/kg/kg per da Read More

  • How to extract and store human growth hormone


    How to provide human growth hormoneHuman growth hormone is most commonly found in multi dose vials containing white lyophilized powder and needs to be reconstituted with sterile or bacteriostatic water before use. The dose can vary from less than 1mg to 24mg or more per bottle. Growth hormone can al Read More

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