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where to buy hgh?What is the role of human growth hormone

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Human growth hormone can promote the growth of bones, internal organs and the whole body, promote protein synthesis, influence fat and mineral metabolism, and play a very important role in human growth and development.

Human growth hormone is commonly used clinically to treat growth disorders caused by insufficient endogenous growth hormone secretion, such as dwarfism and short stature.

Of course, it is also clinically used to treat some burns, fractures, trauma, bleeding ulcers, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and other diseases.

The application of growth hormone has strict indications and contraindications. It needs to be fully evaluated before using it.

It is necessary to do endocrine-related growth hormone and evaluation of adrenal cortex function, liver function, thyroid function and bone age, and some even need to do brain Pituitary MRI to strictly evaluate indications and screen out contraindications in a timely manner.

In daily life, we have all heard of human growth hormone, which is directly related to human growth, and the role of growth hormone is actually very many. For example, it can promote people's growth, and it can also help people resist aging.

Promote growth

Human growth hormone can promote human growth and regulate human metabolism.

Human growth hormone mainly controls the utilization of glucose by muscle and adipose tissue, and at the same time promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver and decomposes glycogen, thereby increasing blood sugar.

Growth hormone can effectively promote the breakdown of fat, because when people are hungry, insulin secretion will decrease.

The secretion of growth hormone increases, the utilization of glucose in the blood decreases and the utilization of fat increases, and the content of glucose and free fatty acids in the plasma increases at this time.

details as follows

Promote growth

It can effectively promote the division and proliferation of muscle and other tissue cells and protein synthesis, so it can effectively speed up the growth and development of people's bones and muscles.

Regulate metabolism

Promoting protein metabolism, especially protein synthesis in extrahepatic tissues, can effectively help people to promote the entry of amino acids into cells and effectively enhance the synthesis of RNA.

We need to minimize the positive balance of nitrogen; enhance lipolysis and antibody formation; inhibit peripheral Tissue uptake and utilization of glucose.

Anti-aging effect

Human growth hormone secretion decreases with age. Between the ages of 12 and 30, the reduction is about 15%, and before the age of 60, it is less than half of the original.

The daily secretion peaks at about 500 micrograms for young people in their 20s, and it decreases a lot at the age of 20, and people start after the age of 30. Growth hormone declines with age.

The above is the main role of growth hormone that we have introduced to you. Human growth hormone can effectively promote human growth and can also help people regulate metabolic functions.

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